Materials for Teaching Indigenous Climate Justice (Work in Progress)

Writings by Kyle Introducing Some Indigenous Climate Justice Issues

Is It Colonial Deja Vu? Indigenous Peoples and Climate Injustice

Our Ancestors' Dystopia Now: Indigenous Conservation and the Anthropocene

What Do Indigenous Knowledges Do For Indigenous Peoples? 

The Dakota Access Pipeline, Environmental Injustice, and U.S. Colonialism

Vulnerability and Climate Change (primarily in U.S. context) 

Climate change and Indigenous Peoples: a Synthesis of Current Impacts and Experiences

Indigenous Peoples, Lands, and Resources (National Climate Assessment) 

Climate and Health Assessment: Populations of Concern (National Climate Assessment) 

Climate Change Through an Intersectional Lens: Gendered Vulnerability and Resilience in Indigenous Communities in the United States

Indigenous Knowledge and Ethics of Knowledge Exchange

The Ethics of Traditional Knowledge Exchange in Climate Change Initiatives

Guidelines for Considering Traditional Knowledges in Climate Change Initiatives

Annotated bibliography of sources on climate change and Indigenous knowledge

Culture, Law, Risk and Governance: Contexts of Traditional Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation

Prior and Informed Consent (Convention on Biological Diversity) 

Climate Justice Politics and Activism  

Red Alert! Saving the Planet with Indigenous Knowledge

The Story of Rising Voices: Facilitating Collaboration Between Indigenous and Western Ways of Knowing

How Climate Change Comes to Matter: The Communal Life of Facts

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